Neue Forschungsergebnisse zum Arp Schnitger-Porträt

Zu dem Orgelemporen-Bildwerk in der Golzwarder St. Bartholomäus-Kirche gibt es eine interessante Indizienkette – vorgestellt von Dr. Dietrich Diederichs-Gottschalk – die mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit zu einem Porträt von Arp Schnitger führt.

Die Forschungsergebnisse wurden am 28.1.17 in einem Vortrag zur Diskussion gestellt und werden im Herbst veröffentlicht.

Die entsprechenden Bilder sind hier zu sehen:

Verleihung der Ehrendoktorwürde an Prof.Dr. h.c.mult. Harald Vogel

Oberlin-College (Ohio)

Mr. President, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, students, parents und honored guests:

I am deeply honored to present to you the distinguished scholar, organist, teacher und historic organ-expert, Harald Vogel.

Prof. Vogel made his American début in Oberlin giving a masterclass at Christ Episcopal Church in May of 1973, he was en route to dedicate a new organ a few days later in Toledo, Ohio, which was built according to historic principles by John Brombaugh.

It was organ professor emeritus und former Dean of the Conservatory, David Boe, who invited Prof. Vogel to come to Oberlin for the very first master class in the United States. That event marked the beginning of a very close and special relationship with Oberlin that continues to this day.

This 1974 masterclass changed the lives of every one who attended – I was one of these students sitting on the chancel floor und I can certainly attest to that fact firsthand.

Not only did Prof. Vogel revolutionize how organists and harpsichordists were to think about early music and how to perform it, he also made them begin to think seriously about historic instruments and the role they played in educating performers.

He returned in the Fall of 1974 to perform an extraordinary second dedication recital on our Flentrop organ in Warner Concert Hall.

The organ faculty then decided to sponsor him in a two-week long summer organ institute, which was immensely successful and was to be repeated for the next eight years.

Prof. Vogel worked very closely with the Oberlin organ faculty and organbuilder John Brombaugh on the conception and design of our beautiful Fairchild Chapel organ. He performed the dedication recital several times to capacity crowds and, following those concerts, he went on recording calling the Faichild organ the „most outstanding instrument yet built in the twentieth century.“

Prof. Vogel started his North American career in Oberlin and played an immense role in the shaping of historic keyboard performance practise around the world. It is fitting that, forty-one years later, we pay him homage for all he has done for early music and for Oberlin.

Mr. President: it is my great honor to present Harald Vogel for the degree Doctor of Music, honoris causa.

Given this twenty-sixth day of May, two thousand and fourteen.